You Gotta Vote

Every time we have a presidential election we hear the phrase, “This is the most important election ever!”  It might actually be true this year! There seems to be more race and class division and tension than I can remember in a long time. Christian values are ridiculed and mocked more and more by those seeking a more liberal and progressive culture.

There is no doubt that the two candidates see two completely different America’s. I try to vote Christian conservative as opposed to a particular party. I try to pick a candidate that supports the platform that “best” supports my values. There is no perfect, sinless candidate and there never will be. Who am I to judge the past sins or shortcomings of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? I have enough problems asking God to forgive my own sins and shortcomings. Plus Deuteronomy 1:17 says, “The judgment is God’s.”

Therefore, we must vote for the candidate that gives us the best opportunity to live in a country where we can express our Christian values and not support the candidate that supports laws and an environment that make it more difficult. So, which candidate is it?

I think every Christian must spend time in prayer with God asking for discernment and wisdom and He will lead you to the right candidate.

But whatever you do…you gotta vote!!!


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