Who Can Beat The Tide

I believe the College Football Playoff Committee picked the 3 best teams with a chance to beat Alabama. All three teams, Washington, Clemson, and Ohio State have two things in common, an excellent quarterback and defense. All three QB’s received recognition as potential Heisman Trophy winners. All 3 are really good passers. Deshaun Watson throwing for 3,914 yds. and 67%, Jake Browning 3,280 yds. and 63% and J T Barrett 2,428 yds. and 61%. All three defenses are nationally ranked in total defenses. Clemson 9th in the nation, Ohio State 5th, and Washington 11th.

However, the two teams with the best chance to dethrone Alabama are Clemson and Ohio State. Why these two? Because they have mobile quarterbacks. Alabama is #1 in the nation in total defense. Your quarterback must be able to extend the play and escape danger with his feet when you play them. Clemson and Ohio State have quarterbacks that can do this, Washington doesn’t. JT Barrett of Ohio State has rushed for 847 yds., and Deshaun Watson 529 yds. (last year rushed for over 1,000yds.) Jake Browning has only rushed for 66 yds. This means his launch point in the passing game will be a little more predictable. This is not good. This doesn’t mean Washington can’t win, it only means their job will be more difficult than Ohio State and Clemson.

Enjoy the games, but keep your eyes on the quarterbacks’ feet!!!


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