The True Test of Character

Some people think that when you become a Christian that life’s problems are all over. But when you study the life of Jesus Christ you quickly realize that not a day went by that Satan didn’t try to disrupt Jesus’s mission on earth. God never promised that we wouldn’t face difficulties – cancer, marital, children, financial, death, aging parents, loss of a job.  The list is endless.

I always thought James 1:1-12 addressed this issue really well. Modern day sayings that reflect this scripture would be: “The true test of a person’s character is what they do in the face of adversity” and “storms don’t determine who you are, storms reveal who you are.”  With that being said, we are quickly going to find out what kind of President we have. President Obama faced daily opposition…President Trump faces daily opposition and hatred.

When I was the Head Coach at Clemson University our fans “LIKED” beating North Carolina State, but they “LOVED” beating our state rival the University of South Carolina. Ohio State likes to beat Wisconsin, but they love beating Michigan. Alabama likes to beat LSU, but they loved beating Auburn. You get the idea.

Everyday President Obama came to work his opponent was North Carolina State, Wisconsin, and LSU. Everyday President Trump comes to work, his opponent is South Carolina, Michigan, and Auburn.

In coaching, it’s tough to play a rival every week. The games are a lot more intense and take a bigger toll on the body. We don’t know how strong President Trump’s faith or character is, but we will find out over this first year. This will be the strongest and most intense opposition a President has had in modern history and we will find out if the saying is true, “The true test of a person’s character is what he does in the face of adversity!”


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