The Providence Of God

A lot of people think you have to be a skilled orator or Biblical scholar to be able to share the Gospel with somebody. God will do the work if you just make yourself available.

I heard this statement a long time ago which I have found to be true, “God doesn’t want your ability, he wants your availability”. Just show up, God will do this the rest.

I also believe when you are involved with a witnessing opportunity that the Providence of God will take over. What is the Providence of God? I heard this definition not long ago which I thought described it really well.  THE PROVIDENE OF GOD IS THE INTERVENTION OF GOD WITH MAN THROUGH NATURAL OCCURRENCES TO ACHIEVE THE WILL OF GOD. 

It is not our job to save somebody, that’s what God does. Our job is to plant the seed, God will till the soil and add the water. We should always continue to daily read and study God’s Word and pray and meditate for His guidance, wisdom, and direction.

Proverbs 15:14 says, “The discerning heart seeks knowledge.”  When opportunities arise for God to use you, make yourself available and let the Providence of God take over.


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