The Best Way To Start Your Day

If I could only pick one thing that has helped me the most in my attempt to be a Godly man it would be an early morning study of God’s Word followed up by prayer. Being a Godly father, husband, and coach is a challenging task in today’s culture. I think equipping yourself with Godly Wisdom to assist you with what the day is going to throw at you is critically important. Being successful in life is about making good decisions.

I surely don’t profess that I’m perfect or that I have made all good decisions. The objective is to make more good decisions than bad. This is where Godly Wisdom becomes a factor. As a college head coach, I was responsible for over 100 young adult males, my staff, plus numerous support people, and my own family and marriage!!!

Every morning when I opened my door after my quiet time there was a good chance that one my players, coaches, or support staff was going to waiting with a problem. From players getting a girl pregnant, being arrested the night before for alcohol or drugs, dealing with the death in the family, or worrying about their amount of playing time…….the issues were endless. When you add the problems arising from within your staff and support personnel, there was a personal issue to address every day. most of these issues had nothing to do with the game you had the next day.

The last thing I prayed before opening my door was, ” God…give me wisdom to handle secular issues.” I think this same principle will help a stay at home mom, a young teenager, employee, people in the military, politician, or business owner.

I firmly believe an everyday early morning “talk with God” will help everyone and anyone.


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