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If I could only recommend one thing that a Christian should do to maximize his or her efficiency for the day, this picture would describe it. This is how I start everyday: Studying the Word of God. I personally prefer the early morning, which is the time of the day referred to several times in the Bible. By the way, in the picture on my back porch, the sun is coming up ….. not going down!!!

These are the books that I use the most – but I am sure there are many more that are just as good.

The first book is  The Bible Exposition Book by Warren Wiersbe. This particular study series covers every book of the Bible, chapter by chapter. I usually study a chapter a day from this book.

I then read the same chapter in the second book in the picture, The Holman Study Bible.  I’ll first read the commentary at the bottom of the page of The Holman Study Bible, then the actual Bible scripture.

The third book in the picture is a daily devotional book by Johnny Hunt. Some days I take notes, some days I don’t. I close the session with prayer. All of this usually takes about 45 minutes.

I quickly learned there is a difference between “reading” the Bible, and “studying” the Bible. I had always read the Bible, usually in bits and pieces, but never really took the time to study and meditate on God’s Word and let Him talk to me. I started with Genesis and went straight through to Revelation. The process took between 4-5.  I didn’t start this method until I was 42 years old. I’m now finishing up my 5th time reading the Bible through, which has taken about 20 years.

My only regret?  I didn’t start doing this earlier in my life.



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