Thank You, Franklin Graham!

Over a year ago Franklin Graham started a tour to pray on the steps of the capital of all 50 states before our November elections for President of the United States. His prayer was for the United States to repent of their sins and shortcomings and put our faith back in God, our Creator.

It is the belief of many Christians that America is a blessed nation because of our forefathers’ fear, respect, and honor of God Almighty and that we have drifted away from His Godly standards. So did God answer the prayers of millions of evangelical Christians who prayed for a president who would allow them to express and live their life according to their faith?  Would God get involved by allowing a President to get elected that would appoint a Supreme Court Judge who would possibly vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade?

God has done it in the past and I believe he can do it again. When Israel drifted away from God he sent the evil empires of Assyria and Babylon to punish them through captivity, which finally got their attention. I’m not saying Donald Trump is Assyria and Babylonia, but I am saying a Sovereign God can and will use any means necessary to get our attention.

Practically all of the media and the political pundits called the election of Donald Trump a miracle, it would never happen, there’s no way he can get elected!! I heard this definition of a miracle one time, “If you can explain it, then God didn’t do it”.

The election of Donald Trump will not make us a more “Christian” nation. This can only be accomplished by individual Christians living a life that reflects the life of Jesus Christ to the extent that it influences others. But sometimes we Christians need to be pushed, prodded, encouraged, and reenergized …… and this is exactly what Franklin Graham did!!


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