Storms Reveal Who You Are

Last week in my blog I used the phrase, “Storms don’t determine who you are, storms reveal who you are.”  I don’t know where the phrase originated, but I thought it was appropriate for Christians who are going through difficult times in their life. As a college football coach at a Power 5 school, there was always times when you would have to make critical decisions under pressure. Sometimes those decisions could affect your career, a coach’s career, or a player’s career.

The decision you make reveals your character and who you are as a person. I wish I could write that I made the right decision every time and it never reflected negatively on my character…but I didn’t. There were times I made decisions that didn’t reflect positively on the Godly man that I professed to be. I thought about that phrase as I watched Director Comey, the ex-head of the FBI, testify this week in front of a Senate Committee.

Twice he was confronted with tough decisions, that when answered, would help mold his character. The first dealt with how he answered Loretta Lynch, President Obama’s Attorney General, when asked to call a “criminal investigation” of Hillary Clinton a “matter”. This would have minimized the seriousness of the investigation and made her look more electable. The second was when President Trump was reported to have asked Director Come to back off of the investigation of Michael Flynn, ex National Security Adviser. Comey has testified he was ordered to halt the investigation. If true, Director Comey should have immediately reported this action to a higher authority or Senate Committee. Twice, when put in a position to do the right thing, under tremendous pressure, he did not.

Director Comey stated in his testimony that he took the cowardly way out. I don’t know anything about the depth of Director Comey’s Christian faith or if he professes to be a Christian…but when making tough personal decisions of this magnitude you can see why you need the help of a Godly moral compass that will convict you to do the right thing.

Storms don’t determine who you are, storms reveal who you are!!





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