It’s A Heart Problem

It seems like every time there is a senseless shooting or terrorist attack in the United States, the automatic response from many of our politicians and main stream media is to blame it on a lack of gun control. The National Rifle Association then counters with the argument that guns don’t kill people, people do. But I believe it’s not a gun problem, or a people problem, but a heart problem.

As a Christian, I try to look at the solutions to problems in our society from a Biblical viewpoint. It seems that most, if not all of the individuals that commit these crimes are motivated by hate. When our law enforcement finally discovers the motive behind these tragic events, it has never been because of the love that they had in their hearts for the victims. A person who is not attempting to develop a personal daily relationship with Jesus Christ leaves room for Satan to take over.

Satan’s mission: to kill, steal, and destroy. When Satan has your heart, you then have the courage to fly an airplane full of passengers into a building, shoot up a church, or run a truck over innocent pedestrians. Three different kinds of weapons with one common denominator – an evil heart. If you ask the question, “What is God?” most people would answer, “God is Love.”

Therefore the solution to these senseless tragedies, would be replacing Satan’s hate with Gods Love.


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