Is Division All Bad?

There is no doubt that we have an unhealthy division in America right now. Wealth, class, and cultural divisions seem to be widening every day. How should Christians approach these differences. The United States has a two party system, so there is going to be natural division. But around 70 % of Americans profess to be Christians. Is the Bible “that unclear” on how to view these controversial divisions? That’s the million-dollar question. I have my own personal views. They are based on an attempt to read and study the Bible on a daily basis. These sessions are usually accompanied with prayer and conversations with God. I normally use two study guides as I read the Bible to best understand the culture of that day and how God wants us to interpret His Word 2,000 years later. I started this more intensive Bible study 20 years ago and takes about 45 minutes a day. I am approaching my fifth time reading the Bible through. It is this study that has helped me from my philosophy on immigration, abortion, social programs, marriage, defense spending, and the fight against terrorism. I sometimes wonder, how much time the Christians with opposite views of mine, spend reading and studying God’s Word. I do know without extensive study of the Bible; it is easy to take His Word out of context. I also know that because of my Bible Study, I feel comfortable on where I stand on these controversial cultural issues. So division is good, but I don’t think it would be nearly as intense, if those of us that call ourselves Christians, would “study” His Word, and base our decisions accordingly.


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