If You’re Going To Change – Change for the Better!

One of the reasons college football has broken attendance records this year is because of the extra excitement that the no huddle up tempo offense has brought to the game. That’s why the discussion to slow the game down doesn’t make since to me. If we want to change a rule, change the extra point rule like the NFL is considering. This would even bring more thrill and suspense to a game that is gaining in popularity every year.

How would it work? There would be no more kicking on a extra point and the team would have an option to run a play for 1 point. A touchdown would now be worth 7 points. If you elect to go for an extra point and fail, then you lose 1 point and you now have 6 points. If you successfully make the extra point attempt, you get 1 point and now have 8 points. You can also chose not to attempt and extra point and your total would remain at 7.

Why change the extra point ? In the NFL there were 5 missed attempts in 1,200 kicks. Four of those 5 were blocked. The 17 top scorers in the NFL are kickers. That just doesn’t seem American. If you remove the extra point the leading scorer would have been Jamal Charles, of the Kansas City Chiefs. College kickers are just about as accurate. You need to remember, years ago when players would kick extra points they were not specialist. It was probably a running back who just carried the ball 8 times on a 12 play drive and lines up to kick with blood running down in his eyes and a sore knee and a banged up shoulder. It surely wasn’t an automatic successful kick like it is today by a specialist who’s only job is to kick.

It would be wise for our rule makers in college football to stop tinkering with rules that remove some of the excitement and change the extra point attempt.  this change could increase the suspense and might make a great game even better!


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