Christian Coaches and College Football

It’s good to see coaches that actively walk and talk their Christian faith have success in college football. All of the head coaches of this week’s top ten could be Christians. I don’t know them all personally but the two that I do know, Mike MacIntyre of the University of Colorado and Dabo Swinney of Clemson University, leave no doubt.

This is a question to think about concerning your faith if you haven’t already.  If the United States were taken over by a foreign country and they were arresting Christians, would they have enough evidence to convict you? The two coaches I mentioned wouldn’t only be arrested, they would probably be executed on the spot. Neither one of these men are shy about their faith when dealing with the media…whether it be print, television, or social media. I believe both these coaches sincerely feel they have been placed in positions of influence over young people by the providence of God and they are being used to advance His Kingdom.

So you’re telling me that God will help you win if you’re a Christian?  No. God doesn’t care who wins or loses, but he does care about those who choose to follow Him. God doesn’t give you what you want, God gives you what you need.

Right now college football needs Mike MacIntrye and Dabo Swinney.


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