Can Clemson Football stay on top?

Can the Clemson Tigers Football program stay on top?  The answer is Yes!

I really think Clemson is primed to be a player on the national stage of college football for the next few years. My father, Bobby Bowden, who has a record 14 consecutive 10 win seasons, has often made the statement, “It is harder to maintain success than achieve success.” I think several elements have to be in place for a program to consistently maintain a high level of success and I think Clemson has them.

There’s no doubt that it starts with Head Coach Dabo Swinney. I remember telling Terry Don Phillips, the Athletic Director when I left Clemson, that I thought Dabo had all the intangibles to be a really good Head Coach. Terry Don had to pull the trigger on the young unproven assistant coach but he obviously saw them same thing.

Dabo is a people person, a great recruiter, a “big vision” guy, a strong family man plus a Godly man. His wife Kathleen is an exceptional head coach’s wife. He doesn’t have a proven track record as an offensive or defensive play caller…but like most successful CEO’s…he charts the vision, then identifies quality coaches to accomplish the mission.

Clemson also has a loyal, committed and fanatical fan base. Prospects notice and appreciate this when they visit the campus. The Clemson Athletic AND Academic administration understand the importance of a successful football program. This understanding is obvious when you look at the football facilities and staff salaries. Both of these two areas are now viewed in the coaching profession as being the benchmark in college football.

Clemson is now being discussed in the same breath as Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida State, and LSU. All of these programs by the way have recently been defeated by Clemson.

Look for Clemson to be a major player in the landscape of college football for a long, long time!


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