Billy Graham and the Coaching Profession

I am pretty sure these two statements are attributed to Billy Graham. One deals with the influence of a coach.  The other deals with leadership.

“A coach will influence more people in a year, than most people will in a lifetime.”

“The moral meltdown in the United States comes from a lack of leadership. It would be tragic to divorce character from leadership.”

A coach is a leader whether they like it or not. Therefore, they should be a person of high character with a solid moral compass. I will occasionally run into players I coached 10, 20, and 30 years ago. It amazes me how vividly they remember things I either said or did when I coached them. I always tried to keep Billy Graham’s two sayings as the core of my coaching philosophy. I’m not saying I did this 100% of the time in my 32 years as a coach. I’m sure I failed more than once or twice. But when I went to work every day I tried to make a legitimate attempt to adhere to Billy Graham’s wisdom concerning the coaching profession.

For those of you that are coaching, remember your athletes are watching everything you do and everything you say. When we die and meet our maker, we should remember what Paul said in Romans 14:12: “Every one of us shall give an account of himself to God”. (KJV)


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